Ceramill Direct Restoration Solution

Dental laboratory and dental practice in interdisciplinary cooperation

Flawless quality is essential in restorative dentistry. This necessitates close, reliable and efficient cooperation between the laboratory and the dental practice. This is the only way to fabricate high-quality and perfectly functioning dentures. The Ceramill Direct Restoration Solution - DRS for short - provides unparalleled evidence of how state-of-the-art technology combines with cutting-edge expertise. Linking the Ceramill DRS system to AG.Live enables dental technicians and clinicians to create a successful and future-oriented team, to improve communication and collaboration, and to share information easily.
The interdisciplinary cooperation between laboratory and practice is groundbreaking and future-oriented.
All components of the fully integrated CAD/CAM system come from a single source and are extremely safe.
The system components of Ceramill DRS are of modular design, and additional modules can be added flexibly at any time.

Successful digital cooperation with Ceramill DRS

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The kits in detail


  • Ceramill Map DRS
  • Ceramill DRS Notebook
  • Scan software
  • AG.Live Connection
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AG.LIVE Sharing Cases
  1. Fast
    All patient information is easily shared with the laboratory. This even makes it possible to fabricate straightforward jobs on the same day.
  2. Fully comprehensive
    All relevant data are easily and fully defined and created in AG.Live - as are additional data such as photos and X-ray images.
  3. Digital
    The scan acquired with the intraoral scanner is stored in AG.Live - both parties, the laboratory and the practice, have all the data and work available simultaneously.
  4. High quality
    The Connection Kit creates an interdisciplinary workflow which forms the perfect basis for impression-free and model-free work.

How does the kit optimize my workflow?

Add production Kit


  • Ceramill Mind DRS
  • Ceramill Motion DRS
  1. Impeccable
    Perfectly integrated components guarantee impeccable results - single restorations up to 3-pontic bridges can be fabricated directly in the practice. Single-tooth restorations even in one session.
  2. Organized* 
    With the digital connection to AG.Live, the laboratory handles the design, and the practice handles the denture. Complex work remains entirely in the laboratory for fabrication.
  3. Open
    Intraoral scan data from other manufacturers can also be used with the Production Kit - single-visit or same-day dentistry in unmatched quality with existing intraoral scanners


*work in progress

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How does the kit optimize my workflow?

Add High-Speed Zirkonia Kit


  • Sintering furnace Ceramill Therm DRS
  • Zolid DRS
  1. Esthetic
    The High-Speed Zirconia Kit for the laboratory or the practice provides the perfect basis for the ultra-fast fabrication of highly esthetic zirconia restorations.
  2. Natural
    Maximum efficiency and a natural appearance are achieved with the perfectly coordinated 16 Vita shades with integrated shade and translucency gradient.
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Our experts would be pleased to answer your questions on the Ceramill Direct Restoration Solution and also advise you on how you can expand interdisciplinary cooperation between the laboratory and practice.

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